A heavy night of drinking can make you feel as though you’ve traveled through space as well as time, but a hangover isn’t the only thing that can be out of this world. A brightly colored liquor paired with vibrant flavors gives a cocktail a look of tomorrow, making it appear as if it’s from the not-so-distant future. Mix some futuristic cocktails for showy adult beverages that don’t skimp on taste.

Martian Martinis

Futuristic martinis add a touch of class to the unknown in days to come. The Buzz Aldrin martini, named after one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon, mixes spirits with powdered orange drink, a NASA staple: Chill two parts peach vodka, one part triple sec and four parts powdered orange drink, then strain into a powdered orange drink-rimmed martini glass. Another futuristic martini, the pan-galactic gargle blaster, comes from Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”: Chill three parts each gin and vodka, one part blue curacao, a few dashes of mint extract and lemon-lime soda, then garnish with edible gold glitter and an olive.

Cinematic Cocktails

A few futuristic cocktails are inspired by science fiction films, television shows and other franchises. The Klingon blood wine is a fruity, spicy and powerful cocktail straight from “Star Trek”: Mix equal parts spiced rum and tequila on the rocks, then add a splash of grenadine and a couple of splashes of hot sauce. Another drink, the moloko plus, comes from the dystopian future of a “Clockwork Orange”: Chill one part each pastis and vanilla liqueur, two parts brandy, an egg white, a splash of orgeat and four parts cream; serve with a pear slice.

Space-Age Shots

Some futuristic shooters have names as bizarre as their appearances. The alien brain hemorrhage is a shot only for the brave in which you layer one part Irish cream on top of two parts of peach schnapps, then add a couple of splashes of blue Curacao and grenadine. Another shot, the bantha milk, comes from the fictional animals in the “Star Wars” universe; mix one part each coconut rum, amaretto liqueur and cream, two parts blue Curacao and three parts milk. Another shot, the frankenslammer, adds some real fruit to the shot: Layer five parts apple, kiwi and lime smoothie, two parts vodka and one part blue curacao with a dash of grenadine.

Dessert Destiny

Some futuristic mixed drinks may double as dessert or after-dinner drinks. The 1-up cocktail takes its cue from video and computer games; mix equal parts vodka, melon liqueur and milk, then top with whipped cream and green frosting — serve up or on the rocks. The ambrosia, a cocktail from “Battlestar Galactica,” is a frozen cocktail that doesn’t skimp on fruit flavors: Blend three parts melon liqueur, two parts blue Curacao and one part lime juice with ice. Another mixed drink that tastes more like candy than a cocktail is the aurora jungle juice punch; mix two parts each vodka and pink lemonade concentrate with nine parts tonic water, then place the punch in front of a black light to achieve an eerie glow.