Vodka is a popular liquor that is the base of many cocktails. It was originally made from potatoes, but is now also created from wheat, barley or rye. It is a versatile alcohol which can be mixed with a variety of other beverages, including flavored liquors, juices and even chocolate. The options for creating adult beverages with vodka are vast.

Electric Lemonade

Electric lemonade is a drink for people who do not like the taste of alcohol. The drink is made from a shot of vodka, a half-ounce of blue Curacao, 2 oz. of sour mix and a lemon-lime soda. The ingredients are poured over ice and can be garnished with a lemon, straw or even an umbrella. This pleasing drink will tickle the tongue with its bubbly carbonation and is tremendous to enjoy with fun-loving friends.

Red Death

The Red Death gets its name from the way its intoxicating effects sneak up on you. Red Death can be made in large quantities so that a large group can partake. In order to create this sinful concoction, combine equal parts vodka, Southern Comfort peach liqueur, Amaretto almond liqueur, sloe gin, triple sec and lime juice, adding orange juice to taste. Fair warning: If it’s your first time imbibing this cocktail, take it slow to avoid ending the fun earlier than usual.

Out in the Milky Way Martini

An Out in the Milky Way martini is an outstanding way to liven up the traditional martini. To create it, chop up a Milky Way candy bar and warm it in a microwave until melted. Place a teaspoon of the melted candy in a chilled martini glass and add 3 oz. of chilled vodka. Garnish the drink with plenty of chocolate shavings and enjoy with other chocolate lovers.