Girls’ slumber parties often need a theme or adult direction to keep the girls occupied and entertained. One such theme is spa day. This theme not only keeps girls occupied, but it promotes cleanliness, relaxation and quality time with friends. Depending on the age of the girls, spa day slumber parties may need close supervision. Younger girls should have an adult showing them how to use beauty supplies. Older girls typically know how to use these tools already.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are a staple of spa treatments. Therefore, a spa day slumber party should include them. The girls will need warm water to soak their hands and fingers, nail clippers, emery boards, towels and nail polish. To make the manicures and pedicures more entertaining, give the girls nail decals to decorate their nails after they apply polish.

Skin Treatments

Basic facials include a facial cleansing, toner, mask and moisturizer. Give young girls gentle face wash so their skin will not react to the product. Give teen girls face wash specifically for teens, as their skin often breaks out easily. To keep the girls entertained, give them a peel-off mask rather than a clay one.

Do all over exfoliation and moisturizer to treat the rest of the skin. Put the girls in shorts and tank tops or bathing suits. Have them exfoliate themselves and rinse off with warm water in the shower. Once the girls are dry, have them apply moisturizer to the exposed skin.

Style Hair

For this, the girls will need enough rollers for all of them. Put a movie in so there is something to entertain the girls. Sit the girls on the floor, one behind the other, and have them put rollers in each others’ hair. An adult or girl who does not want rollers in her hair should be last in line. Alternatively, have the girls do braids instead of curls.

Take their hair out of the rollers in the morning. Style the hair using barrettes, headbands, hair elastics and clips. Use hair spray to hold the styles in place and take pictures of the results.

Snack Foods

Most slumber parties begin before dinner, so parents have to feed the group of children. This might be difficult once all of the girls have their hair up, masks on their faces and drying nail polish. Instead of feeding them a sit-down dinner that requires utensils and careful eating, start the party off with a cooking hour. Have the girls help make finger foods such as chicken nuggets, French fries and pizza pockets. Make brownies, cupcakes and cookies for dessert. Set the food out on a table in the room where the spa treatments will take place. The girls can snack in between treatments.