The frozen toasted almond drink bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood by combining dairy’s wholesomeness with liquor’s more questionable qualities. Made with vanilla, coffee and almond flavors, this frozen cocktail works as both a hot afternoon refreshment or an after-dinner treat. Make your own frozen toasted almond drink, or one of its many variations, with a few simple ingredients — and even simpler steps.

Tried and True

The frozen toasted almond drink stems from the toasted almond cocktail, a drink that’s as deceptively simple as it is deliciously complex. Served up or on the rocks, the drink’s flavors include coffee, almond and cream: mix equal parts light cream and coffee and amaretto liqueurs in a shaker tin with ice, then strain into a martini glass or in a highball filled with ice. Toasted almond drink variations include adding a splash of soda or root beer or substituting the coffee liqueur with hot coffee and topping it with whipped cream.

I Drink Your Milkshake

The frozen toasted almond drink takes the flavors of the toasted almond cocktail and adds a little bit more cream — ice cream to be exact. The simplest recipe calls for mixing two parts vanilla ice cream, one part each coffee and amaretto liqueurs and a splash of milk in a blender, then topping with whipped cream and almond slivers. If you want to cut down on the ice cream, then substitute a scoop with ice and substitute half the coffee liquor with Irish cream.

You Know, for Kids

The frozen toasted almond drink doesn’t have to be adults only. Whip up kid-friendly ones by leaving out the booze. Mix two parts vanilla ice cream, one part iced coffee and a couple of splashes of almond syrup for a virgin version of the drink. Good variations on a virgin frozen toasted almond include substituting decaf coffee for regular — for the wee ones — and almond or pistachio for the vanilla ice cream. For an extra treat, add some chocolate syrup or ice cream into the mix.

Hale and Hearty

The frozen almond drink may have a little more fat for your liking, so cut corners and calories with some healthy alternatives. Substitute regular vanilla ice cream with low-calorie or nonfat ice cream, or reduce the amount of amaretto liqueur needed by mixing the drink with either almond milk or almond milk ice cream. Both liqueurs also add a good deal of sugar to the drink, so substitute some of the coffee liqueur with iced coffee and the amaretto liqueur with almond extract.