The creative baker can do a lot with a simple banana cake. Bananas combined with other flavors, such as nuts and other fruits, create unique variations. The right frosting choice makes or breaks any banana cake, however.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese frosting works well with many kinds of cake, banana cake included. Traditional banana cakes, banana nut cakes and banana cakes combined with other fruit flavors generally work well with a cream cheese frosting.


Chocolate tastes great with many desserts. Bananas and chocolate share space in the standard ice cream sundae, so banana cake with chocolate frosting comes as no shock. A traditional banana cake or chocolate banana cakes works best with chocolate frosting.


Caramel rarely makes an appearance in any frosting, but a good caramel frosting enriches a banana cake remarkably well. Plain banana cakes or banana cakes with pecans taste especially good with caramel frosting.


For lovers of the banana taste, banana frosting amplifies the taste of the banana cake perfectly, whether baking a plain banana cake or one that includes other flavors.

Coconut Cream

Coconut cream frosting gives even the simplest of banana cakes a tropical flair. Use coconut cream frosting on plain banana cakes or banana cakes mixed with pineapple.