The French roll is a timeless updo appropriate for medium length and long hair. The style consists of twisting the hair upward and then pinning it in place with several bobby pins. Look for bobby pins that match the color of your hair. The French roll can be sleek and elegant for weddings and other special events, or loose and messy for casual occasions.

Elegant and Sleek French Roll

Elegant and sleek French rolls, which complement a dressy look, are appropriate to wear to special events, weddings and formal dances. The keys to an elegant and sleek French roll are securing any loose ends and keeping your hair straight and shiny. Long hair without layers works best in this style.

Start by raking some smoothing serum through damp hair. Blow dry your hair, aiming the nozzle straight down. Tightly twist your hair carefully as you pull it upward and secure with bobby pins. Check your work with a hand mirror to ensure no loose ends pop out. Spray your hair liberally with stiff hairspray and follow up with shine spray.

Messy French Updo

A messy French roll, which can be worn with any outfit, is a good choice when you’re going on a date or a night out on the town. A more casual way to wear your hair, this style works with long or medium hair that is straight, wavy or curly. Make sure you leave a few strands of your hair loose for a laid-back look.

Comb some texturizing product through your damp tresses. Loosely twist your hair upward and secure with bobby pins. Rake your fingers through the sides of your hair to give it more texture on the sides.

Modern French Roll

A modern French roll is a curly and fresh version of the classic style. Start this look by setting your hair in hot rollers. After the rollers have cooled, release the curls and spray liberally with flexible-hold hair spray. Part your hair straight down the middle. Twist the right side up into low French twist. The top of the twist should be a few inches above the ear. Repeat with the left side of your hair.