Women’s French hairstyles are viewed as feminine, classy, elegant and sexy. French hairstyles look complicated which adds to their high class appearance. There are three classic French hairstyles: French twist, French roll and French plait, otherwise known as the French braid. There are various ways of styling the French plait.

French Twist

The French twist is an up-do that would work for any formal or professional occasion. Part the hair at the side, then hold it in the back, twist it vertically, put it up against your head and secure it with a barrette, hair clasp or bobby pins. This hairstyle can be worn loose or tight, depending what look you are going for. This look can be accomplished with any hair type. You can curl it, straighten it or leave your natural hair texture.

French Roll

This French hairstyle is another up-do but it is a little more complicated. This hairstyle gives the illusion that your hair is rolling inward. Comb hair in the front on the top of your head away from the forehead. Put your hair in an off-center ponytail. Turn the ponytail in a clockwise direction. Tuck and fold it under itself and then pull it back through to create a looped knot. Pin it in place with as many bobby pins as you need.

French Plaits

You can style French braids in as many styles as you can braids. You can have two on the sides,
one big one in the back, two little ones from the top sides of your head coming down like a crown
to join a big one or anything you can think of. Be creative with it. French braiding is not much more difficult than regular braiding. First you need to decide what section or sections of the hair you are going to French-braid. Separate the first section, or only section, into three parts. Braid like normal: “Left over center, right over center,” according to Become Gorgeous. As you braid, take some extra hair from the scalp and add it to the section you are crossing with. Then do it with the next section you are crossing with. Continue to do this until you are happy with the length of the braid.