No secret weapon or magic formula exists to help you lose weight faster. However, some foods help you stay full longer, and provide density that takes longer to eat. Instead of empty calories that add on unnecessary weight, these foods are nutritious and full of vitamins. They are low in fat and calories. Stock your kitchen with some of them to keep your hunger at bay and help you lose weight faster.


Oatmeal contains fiber, which suppresses your appetite and keeps your stomach full longer, and provides an excellent source of energy. A serving of oatmeal a couple of hours before you work out gives you the energy you need to give it your all. Opt for all-natural oats instead of flavored oatmeal packs that often contain high amounts of sugar, artificial flavors and sodium. For a power breakfast, prepare oatmeal with chunks of fresh fruit such as bananas.

Raw Nuts

In 1998, the British Medical Journal published the findings of a group of Harvard School of Public Health researchers. The study, based on the Nurses’ Health Study, revealed that women who ate nuts on a daily basis tend to weigh less than women who do not eat nuts regularly. Raw nuts are full of fiber to keep you fuller longer and help control your appetite. However, nuts roasted in oil and salted lose some health benefits. Some of the most flavorful nuts include almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Eat a mere handful of nuts a day for a healthful fat-burning diet.


Pennsylvania State University researchers discovered in a 2007 study that people who ate an apple prior to a meal ate fewer calories than those who did not eat an apple. The density and high-fiber content of apples makes you feel fuller longer. Apples are also low in calories and contain zero fat. A crunchy apple a day makes a perfect snack or a healthy dessert. Take an apple along if you feel hungry but need to rush out the door.

Resistant Starch

According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, published in the “Nutrition Journal,” certain fiber-rich and starchy foods burn 20 to 30 percent more fat than other foods. These foods include potatoes, lentils and whole grain breads. Resistant starch prevents your body from storing too much fat, and also makes your stomach feel full longer. When preparing resistant starch food, keep it in its natural state to gain the full benefits of fat burning. Fattening oils, butter or other caloric additions will negate the weight loss benefits and cause weight gain.