Flattering Hairstyles for Fine Hair

By Tiesha Whatley

People with fine hair think that their styling options are limited. Fine hair can be beautiful hair with the right styles. The right cut, layers, bangs, color and products can give fine hair the illusion of full, thick hair. Finding the right flattering hairstyle for fine hair involves incorporating cut with color and style.


Fine hair can look limp and dull when it falls too long. This doesn't mean that you can't hair long hair when it is fine. Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of having long, limp hair that is also beautiful. Cut the hair into long layers. To make sure the bottom of the hair doesn't look too thin, limit the amount of layers. Even if you can make long hair work for fine hair, other lengths work best for this hair type. Stick with styles that fall above the shoulder. Layers always make fine hair look thicker and healthier. Don't go too short; avoid razor cuts to prevent the hair from looking too shredded.


Start with volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Shampoos and conditioners designed just for fine hair create a layer that is thicker. Avoid leave-in conditioners and special treatments because they wear down the hair. You also don't want to use too much conditioner because it causes the same effect. If you are also suffering from dry hair and you need conditioner for moisture, try a non-sulfate shampoo so that only a little conditioner is needed.

For styling, use volumizing mousse. Try to stick with natural products. Other products that have harsh ingredients and alcohol leave thin hair looking brittle or too sticky. Find products that are specially made for thin hair to add body and thickness.

Color and Highlights

Diversifying the hair color makes fine hair seems fuller. Pick the right color for the tone and shape of your face. Highlights and lowlights bring out short cuts and give long hair a softer texture. Having highlights and lowlights in several different tones give more volume to the hair.

Highlights and lowlights have to be maintained to keep them fresh. It is recommended to get the job done by a color expert. Do-at-home kits are fine for some people, but the color doesn't always turn out as expected.