Navigating the fashion landscape can be difficult for women of all shapes and sizes. It can sometimes seem as though popular trends were made for women of only a particular body type.

However, there are a whole host of tricks that size 10 women can employ when putting together an outfit. Whether it be jeans, swimsuits or office attire, you can dress so that these styles suit your figure.


Jeans, though essential to any wardrobe, can be one of the most difficult articles of clothing to purchase, especially for women who are a size 10 and up.

Look for a pair with a higher rise in the back than in the front, and make sure the waist curves slightly inward. This will ensure that the jeans fit comfortably around the curves of your hips. The waist of the jeans should hit at either the hips or the belly button, otherwise it may squeeze into the body at one of its widest parts, which is not a flattering look.

If you are looking to buy skinny jeans, opt for those with straighter legs instead of those that taper in at the ankles. This will create a more balanced effect overall. Jeans with less than two percent stretch fabric will provide more support.


For fuller hips and thighs, look into swimsuits with a higher-cut leg. It will make you appear longer and more slender. You don’t want to wear suits with too much fabric, since they might simply accentuate problem areas.

There are, however, varieties of fashionable one-piece options available in 2010. Look for a swimsuit with strategic color block patterns for a slimming effect. If you have a larger bust, you will want to invest in a suit with a supportive underwire.

When shopping for a swimsuit, try to find stores that allow you pick tops and bottoms separately. This way you can pick different sizes to suit your shape better.

Office attire

Don’t underestimate the powers of a well-fitted blazer. Strong, structured shoulders will accentuate your waist and play down larger hips. Go for smaller patterns in darker colors when choosing a structured jacket for work.

Also, A-line skirts have slenderizing abilities. Look for one with a wider waistband and that hits just above the knee. This style will create straight lines while smoothing out the stomach.


You can use belts to accentuate your natural figure. When wearing loose-fitting, long, or boxy tops, add an over-sized belt at the waist or the hips. It will give form to an otherwise shapeless garment, and it can show off your best parts.

When wearing skirts, dresses or leggings, pair them with nude-colored shoes. If the shoes have heels, even better. It will make your legs appear longer and lengthen your body.