A facial mask is a spa or at-home treatment that calms blemishes and skin irritations, refines and minimizes the size of pores, removes excess oil and improves skin circulation. When searching for a facial mask, you’ll find a few different types: mud or clay, cream or gel masks and peel-off masks. Mud or clay masks tighten pores and draw out impurities. Cream or gel masks hydrate and nourish the skin and peel-off masks lift away dead skin cells. Select a mask that most suits your needs and apply it once or twice a week to see results.

Things You'll Need

Apply facial cleanser to your face and neck using your hands.

Wash by gently massaging your face and neck with your hands.


Pat dry.

Pull your hair back with a ponytail holder or use a headband.

Read the instructions on your facial mask. Note the recommended wait time following application.

Apply a thin layer with your fingers over your face and neck, avoiding the lips and eye area.

Set your timer for the recommended time or monitor the time on a clock.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable place. Relax and let the mask do its work.

Remove the mask with a damp sponge after the recommended time has passed.

Wash your face and neck with your facial cleanser.

Apply moisturizer.


  • If you have sensitive skin, test the mask first.

  • Do not use a facial mask whenever you have a sunburn, skin irritation, or wounds.