Shaping your eyebrows is an excellent opportunity to enhance your features, add an element of glamour to your appearance and save time on your daily make-up routine. After all, you wake up with a head-start on a finished face. But it’s important to know the best shape of brow for your face, the difference in hair removal techniques and how much is too much grooming. A pair of over-plucked eyebrows can take longer to fix than bad credit.

The Best Brow Shape for Your Face

A heart shaped face looks best with a brow that is straight, but with a slight arch. A soft arch has a counter-effect on the sharp angles of a heart-shaped face. The downward pointed chin appears too harsh with an equally pointy arch. For a round face, go for a medium to full brow that has a bit of an angled arch. A more peaked, or angular arch minimizes the fullness of your face. A medium to full brow is better. A round face often comes with other full features and too thin of a brow will throw off the balance of your face. Oval faces — considered the ideal shape — don’t require as much visual mastery in shaping. There are no sharp edges or features to counter so you can play with more dramatic brows such as the bold “power” brow or a dramatic, prominent arch. A square shaped face looks best with a subtle or dainty arch that softens the squareness of the jawline.

Trim and Fill Your Brows for a Perfectly Tailored Look

Once you are clear on the best eyebrow shape for you — based on the shape of your face — it is possible to give your brows a tailored appearance by trimming the length and filling in any sparse areas of your brows, without removing any hair. With your desired shape in mind, take an eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows up toward you hair line. Use a tiny trimmer to methodically trim the ends of your eyebrow hairs, just millimeters at a time. Once you are done trimming, brush your brows into place. Decide where you want your arch to be — high or low, rounded or pointed — and fill in with an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow powder and angled brow brush. Use a shade not quite as dark as your eyebrow hair. If you are not happy with the shape you end up with, the hair will grow back in a matter of weeks.

Hair Removal

Your three basic options for removing unwanted eyebrow hair — the hair that grows outside your ideal shape or between your brows — are tweezing, waxing or threading. All of these methods remove the hair at the root, and you run the risk of the hair not growing back. Tweezing is the simplest method and is commonly done at home. If you do this, be sure to use sharp, slanted tweezers and proceed one hair at a time. Step back and look at yourself in the mirror frequently to avoid over-plucking. Eyebrow waxing and threading are hair removal techniques typically done in a salon setting. Waxing entails warm wax being applied and ripped from your eyebrow area, taking the hair with it. Thread grabs the hair and plucks it out from the root, without pulling the sensitive skin around the eye area.

Proceed with Caution

Fuller brows are on trend as of 2013, but eyebrow shapes go through fashion cycles too. There have been times that pencil thin brows were the “it” look. The problem is once you pluck, it can take a very long time to get that hair back. When shaped properly, eyebrows have potential to bring out your eyes, make your face look younger, and perfectly tailored brows will help you get away with less make-up — just remember that when it comes to hair removal, more is not always better.