Sagging neck skin is something we all have to look forward to as we age. With age, the skin loses its elasticity, which means that instead of bouncing back, it has a tendency to sag. Since there is often excess skin around the neck, that is one of the first places skin shows signs of sagging. Though you may not be able to reverse the loss of elasticity because of age, some exercises to firm up the neck muscles will make neck sagging less noticeable.

Lip Pout

By making a pouting face using your bottom lip, you can extend your neck to feel a small pull in your neck area. This stretches out the neck. To enhance this exercise, put your fingers on your collarbone and pull down gently as you pout. You should be able to feel a noticeable pull in your neck area. This stretches the skin and neck muscles and may make your skin bounce back better.

Chewing Exercise

You can do this exercise while watching TV or just sitting. Start by looking at the ceiling. Your chin should be pointing straight out toward the TV. Keep your lips closed, but not tightly, and begin to make a chewing motion as if you were chewing gum. You should feel a tightening in your neck that tells you that you are doing the exercise properly. Complete this exercise through at least 20 “chews,” and try doing it three times per day.

Chin Exercise

This chin exercise should strengthen the muscles directly below the chin. While looking into a mirror, jut out your chin as far as it will go. When you jut it out, squeeze it so your chin looks wrinkled and goes white under the pressure. You should feel a pull in your neck as well. Hold it for five seconds before relaxing and doing again. Try a set of 10, three times per day for the best results.

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