When deciding on snacks for Earth Day, choose ones that are inspired by elements or animals in the environment. Choose natural options to reflect the theme of the day, or create some fun twists on snack food and drinks to keep children entertained and to go with environmental activities.

Natural Snacks

Start by offering foods eaten just as they appear in nature. Raw fruits and vegetables, especially ones grown locally, are always appropriate. Nuts and seeds, although high in fat, are nutritious when eaten in small amounts and are a good source of protein. Mix some dried fruits and granola together with seeds and nuts for a healthy trail mix if you’re on a hike.

Planet Earth

Have fun with an Earth Day theme by creating a snack made from rice crisp cereal. Prepare the recipe as usual, but then shape it into a circle. When it is ready, mix small amounts of green and blue food into two separate small bowls of water. Let the children brush the two colors onto the “planet” to make it look like Earth. Cut it up and serve.

Insect Ideas

Create ants on a log by spreading cream cheese or peanut butter on top of celery or carrot sticks. Place raisins on top to look like ants, or place two orange segments side by side on a plate. Stick two small pieces of black string licorice into them to make them look like a butterfly. To eat like a butterfly, make flower petals out of tissue paper and attach them to paper cups. Fill the cups with juice, to mimic nectar, and have the children drink the juice through a straw, just like a butterfly getting nectar from a flower.

Eat Dirt

Either make chocolate pudding from scratch or use a pudding mix, calling it a mud pie for the children. Put the pudding into cups and top with chocolate cookie crumbs so it looks like dirt and mud. Add a gummy worm to complete the effect. The children could also use green string licorice to make grass, or cut up gumdrops to make flowers to top their pudding.