Girls with short hair often feel like they don’t get to do fancy updos for big occasions like proms or a wedding. However, there are easy updo hairstyles for short hair that girls can accomplish easily, with good styling products and a little patience. Short hair can be chic, sexy and versatile with the right updo.

Swept Up

If you don’t have enough hair to pin it up or do a traditional updo, you can still do a faux updo by sweeping your hair up, off of your face for a dramatic going-out look. Start with damp hair and work a volumizing mousse through from root to tip. It’s a good idea to work the mousse through with a comb to distribute evenly. With your fingers, brush your hair back as if you were brushing it back and out of your face. Begin drying with your hairdryer as you continue to brush it back and out of your face until it’s dry. The result will be hair that has height and drama. Set with a firm hold hairspray.

Pin Up Girl

If you have enough hair to use bobby pins you can create impressive updos that are elegant and dramatic. You can create a 1930s style updo with a little curling mousse and some bobby pins. Start by parting your damp hair to one side. On the side with more hair, slide two bobby pins through the bangs so that you get a finger wave effect. While that sets, pin up the back of your hair by taking small sections, twisting them and then pinning them up randomly. You’ll get what looks like a complicated pile of knots on the back of your head. When your hair is dry, take out the bobby pins from the front and the finger waves will stay, giving you a classic look to your hair.

Twist and Crimp

For a funkier look that is perfect for prom, try a twisted, crimped look to play up the different textures in your hair. Start by taking small sections from just behind your bangs and twisting them back, securing with a bobby pin when you reach the crown of your head. You can do whatever size section you want, although this style looks more dramatic with small sections that equate to a lot of small twists. When you’ve done them all, take your bangs and blow dry them or flat iron them so that they fall across your eyes. Use a crimping tool to put texture into the bangs. Only do a small section of crimping and leave the rest straight for a funky short hair updo.

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