Creating a simple hair bun can make all the difference in a classy and casual look. While there are many ways to create a bun, the easiest way uses a minimal amount of hair accessories while achieving a pulled-back and comfortable look.

Things you will need

For this project you will need a mirror, several bobby pins (approximately 5 to 7), a hair brush and a rubber band. Hairspray is optional.

Prepare hair

First, brush out and gather all of your hair. Make sure there are no knots or tangles, and your hair is not frizzy if possible. This style will work best with longer hair that can be wrapped into a decent sized bun. If you have shoulder length hair or shorter, a simple bun will still work but might take a few more bobby pins.

Twist and Wrap Hair

Stand in front of the mirror and make a tight pony tail, pulling the rubber band as close to your head as possible. Then twist your hair into a semi-tight roll. Your hair will start to shrink up with the twisting motion. As you twist, your hair will form a coil like circle. Press this coil close to the back of your head. If you want a low bun, allow this coil to rest close to the top of your neck. A higher bun should be placed near the top of your head, nearer to a parting if your hair has one.

Pin bun in place

While holding the coil to the back of your head, use bobby pins to secure the simple hair style into place. If the coil is placed on your head clockwise, the most secure way to ensure your hair stays in place is to place the bobby pins in the opposite direction. Two pins near the top of the bun and three near the ending of the coil will secure the bun. If your hair is long enough, tuck the ending hairs into the beginning of the coil. A light hairspray will further ensure stray hairs stay in place.