Styling your daughter’s hair can be a fun bonding activity. Keep in mind that for young children, simple is generally better. Complicated hairstyles with lots of hairspray and barrettes may not stay in place for a day of climbing trees, doing cartwheels or jumping on the trampoline.

Half-Updo Pigtails

For a twist on the classic pigtail look, try creating a half-updo. This style works for medium-length to long hair. A half-updo tends to last longer throughout the day, since not all of the hair is pulled into heavy pigtails. Hair ties tend to slip when supporting a mass of hair.

To achieve this look, use a comb with a tapered end to part the hair directly down the center. Create a diagonal part from the top of the ear to the side of the crown. Pull this hair into a ponytail, making sure the center part is still straight. Secure the ponytail with a hair elastic, and repeat the steps for the pigtail on the other side. For an added touch, tie bows around the pigtails or purchase premade bow clips and attach them right above the elastics.


This style can work well on any length of hair. Create twists for a formal event such as a recital or a wedding, or you can simplify them for everyday wear, to keep hair out of little ones’ faces while playing.

For this style, you will need a comb with a tapered end, a large clip and small hair elastics. Creating this style with wet hair is easiest, but you can also do this with dry hair. Part the child’s hair above one ear from the front to the middle of the crown, using the large clip to separate the rest of the hair. Use the tapered end of the comb to separate a 1/2-inch section of hair from the front to the middle of the crown. You will now have a 1/2-inch thick by 3-inch wide strip of hair. Pinch the front of the section with your fingers and roll the hair down towards the scalp. Keep picking up more hair as you twist, holding the strands you’ve already rolled with your other hand to keep them in place. Once the roll is tight—but not so tight as the pull at the scalp—secure the end with an elastic. Repeat this process from ear to ear until you have a corn-row appearance.

For a more casual look, leave the hairstyle as is. For a more formal look, clip tiny jaw clips at the end of each twist above the rubber band. Also try attaining a flower-child look by purchasing tiny faux flowers with wire stems. The flexible stems can be poked through the underside of the twist and wrapped around to hide the elastics bands.