Red wine is a highly popular beverage for sipping or to accompany dinner. But it is also good mixed with other beverages to make red wine drinks. The Spanish have a long tradition of this with libations like sangria and calimocho, and mulled red wine drinks like glögg are popular in Scandinavia and around the world.

Bishop Wine Cocktail

In the sour family of cocktails — which combine a spirit with lemon or lime and a sweetener — the bishop wine cocktail is one of many drinks to make with red wine. This one is similar to a classic daiquiri but made with red wine. The wine, lemon juice and simple syrup are combined in a cocktail shaker with ice, shaken and served.


A favorite among Spanish teenagers, the calimocho is a simple mixture of half cola and half red wine. While it may sound like an odd combination to the uninitiated, similar concoctions can be found in many countries throughout the world. It has even found its way onto cocktail menus at upscale American restaurants.


A classic Scandinavian winter beverage, glögg is similar to mulled wine. Recipes vary greatly, but the essence of glögg is red wine, brandy, sugar, raisins, cardamom and other spices. The ingredients are simmered together and served piping hot.

Red Wine Cooler

Although white wine coolers may be more commonly known, red wine coolers are no less refreshing. A nice drink in the summer, red wine coolers typically combine red wine, lemon-lime soda, and ginger ale. The result is a slightly sweet, carbonated beverage.


Possibly one of the most well known red wine drinks, sangria is a Spanish creation that combines fruit, red wine and brandy. Almost any variety of fruit can be used but popular varieties include apple and slices of citrus fruits like orange and lemon. Since it is made in large batches, sangria is often a popular party drink.