Dressing for your body type is one of the keys to appearing fashionable and chic. When you learn how to balance your proportions and choose flattering shapes for your frame, you will embrace your assets and hide your flaws with aplomb. You’ll know how to enhance your bust line and down play a wide tummy, or camouflage big hips and accentuate a tiny waist. Take an honest look at your assets and flaws to determine your body type — then, dress accordingly with a little style savvy.


Do emphasize your frame if you’re an hourglass shape. You are blessed with curves above and below a trim waist. So, choose tops and dresses that accentuate your slim waistline. Avoid clothes that billow over your midsection as this will create volume around your stomach and make your body appear round. Also, avoid showcasing too much. As a curvaceous female, clothes tend to look more sensual on your frame, so pair a deep V-neck with a longer hemline and vice-versa.


If you’re a female with a rounded tummy, large bust and slim hips, you’re an apple shape. Use clothes to sculpt a midriff and play up your legs or cleavage. Do this by wearing body control underwear to compress and sculpt a leaner mid-section under your clothes. Also, wear V-necks, scoop necks, and drop earrings to draw eyes up toward your bust line and face and away from your midriff. Do not hide your frame in baggy pants. Streamline your figure in straight or boot-cut trousers and seek out mid-rise jeans that hit right at your waistline — not above or below.


Play up your womanly assets if you’re an athletic or rectangle shape. Women with this body type are generally straight up and down with few curves that might need a little enhancing. Do this by wearing wrap dresses, blazers with darts at the waist and V-neck tops to create curves and define your waistline. Do not wear square-neck tops, mid-rise pants, and wide-leg trousers, as these cuts will only emphasize a boyish rectangular figure.


Emphasize your shoulders to balance out wider hips if you’re a pear shape. Also known as a triangle, women with this body type are wider on the bottom than they are on top. Draw eyes to your upper-body with statement necklaces and colorful tops. Wear sweetheart or boat-neck styles to widen shoulders and elongate your neck. These tips will aid in visually broadening your shoulders to balance a wider frame below the belt.

Inverted Triangle

Create volume on your lower half if you’re an inverted triangle with shoulders that are broader than your hips. Tulip skirts and harem pants are two good styles to visually broaden your lower half. Wear wrap tops, a statement belt and long slim necklaces to draw focus to the center of your body, while at the same time emphasizing your trim waist. Do not wear details or prints on your shoulders as this will only make them appear wider.