What Is Extenze?

Extenze is a mix of herbs and other supplements marketed to enlarge the size of a male’s penis. Some of the vitamins and supplements included in Extenze are ginseng-eleuthero,yohimbe, L-arginine, muira puama, boron and zinc. Extenze is believed to work by increasing the blood flow and circulation to the penis.

What it Claims

Extenze’s primary claim is that it will increase the length and width of your penis. It also claims to improve male erections by causing harder erections that last longer, as well as increase how long a man can keep their erection. Extenze also claims that it will give its users a greater desire for sex and more intense and pleasurable orgasms.


Extenze was created by Dish Direct Incorporated and marketed under Maximizer Health Products. Extenze is widely recognized from its late- night infomercials starring well known pornography star Ron Jeremy. Extenze has had a rocky history with over $300,000 paid out in civil penalties for false advertising and bad business practices.

False Claims

Extenze has come under fire as of late because of false claims of how much growth Extenze can actually provide for the male genitals. However, since a lawsuit charging them with such, Extenze no longer claims an exact percentage of growth to its users. (Los Angeles Times, http://articles.latimes.com/2006/jul/25/local/me-extenze25).

Extenze and Teenagers

Although no serious side effects have been recorded by those using Extenze, its use in teens should be discouraged. There is not enough research that the product even works, so it is impossible to predict whether the product would work for teenagers. However, it is important to remember that teenagers are still growing. In most men their penis will continue to grow all the way up until the age of 20. As such, there is no need to worry about increasing size when their genitals have not finished growing yet.