Repurpose a pair of small-sized denim jeans into a handy bag using items you already have on hand. Make a bag to hold your makeup, create a pencil bag for school or fashion a small handbag for everyday use. Customize your bag with a braided denim strap or two small hand straps made from the discarded jean legs. Use brightly colored thread for a stylish stitch or embroider your initials in cursive on the denim fabric.

Things You'll Need

Turn over the denim pants onto a flat surface with the back pockets facing upward. Cut off the legs from the jeans straight across the fabric, just above the crotch seams. Leave the pockets intact. Set aside the jean legs and fold the remaining denim inside out.

Iron the denim flat to ensure an even seam. Insert straight pins along the open bottom of the denim at a 1-inch inseam. Sew the fabric using the needle and thread. Fold the denim right-side out.

Flatten the bag and place the four buttons so they are evenly spaced across the top edge of the material. Sew the four buttons to the inside of the top edge of the bag. Press the bag together and feel where to cut the opposite side of the bag for the button holes.

Cut a slit the length of the diameter of the corresponding button in the material on the opposite side of the bag where each of the buttons line up. Press each button through its slit to ensure the button hole’s accurate fit. Correct if needed.


  • Glue is an easy way to adhere the denim when working with children, but the bag won’t be as durable as sewn seams.

  • Embellish the bag with buttons, fabric paint, strips of faux fur or rhinestones for added flair and personality.

  • Line your bag with a patterned fabric or bandana for a more polished look.