A handkerchief hemline adds a sassy and flirty quality to an otherwise plain outfit. While it may look complicated to make a handkerchief skirt or dress, it is actually one of the simplest sewing projects out there. With common sewing supplies and a well-fitting T-shirt, any beginning seamstress can make her own handkerchief dress in practically no time. When paired with some sexy high heels, this handkerchief dress will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Things You'll Need

Cut two pieces of fabric, each 4 feet square. These will form the skirt of the dress.

Make 1/4-inch folds under the edges of the fabric pieces. Iron the folds in place.

Fold the edges under another 1/4 inch, and sew them down.

Cut a circle out of the middle of each of the fabric squares. The circles should match the circumference of the waist.

Lay one of the fabric squares on a flat surface with the straight edges of the square facing up, down, right and left.

Lay the second fabric square on top of the first, matching up the holes in the middle. The points of the second square should be facing up, down, right and left, so that the two fabric pieces form a sort of star shape.

Pin the two pieces together along the edges of the holes.

Match up the holes in the fabric squares with the bottom of the T-shirt. Sew the squares and the T-shirt together.