The 1980s were dominated by creativity which was reflected in the hairstyles. Hair was big and bold for both men and women. The hairstyle was an integral part of the everyday look. Although hairstyles from the 80s may look complicated, they are actually very easy to recreate. Many 80s hairstyles will require some sort of gel or spray to keep the hair in place since so many styles forced the hair into unnatural positions.

Things You'll Need


Tease the hair. ‘Big hair’ was popular during that time, and teasing created that full look. To tease, hold a piece of hair and begin to comb it in reverse. Instead of inserting the comb into the strands of hair and pulling it downward, push the comb against the hair, upwards, to disturb the hair’s natural order. Take another piece of hair and repeat the process. Lock the style in place with hairspray.

Gather your hair into a one-sided ponytail. A single ponytail, prominently placed on the side of the head was fashionable in the 1980s. Wrap a thick, ponytail holder or scrunchy, around the base of the ponytail to give the style some flair.

Add color to your hair with hair paint. Wearing multiple colors in your hair will give you an 80s look. The more different streaks of color, the better. After spraying hair paint on several sections of your hair, tease the hair.

Cut thick bangs on the front of the forehead, and tease them. Lock them in place with hairspray.


Spike your hair. Pour a generous amount of gel in your hands, then push your hair up and out so it is sticking out everywhere. You can also form parts of your hair into spikes. This look was popular amongst punks and creative types, and often complimented with bright colors.

Cut your hair into a Mohawk. Shave or cut the hair from the left and right side of the scalp, leaving a single, middle row of hair. Force the middle row of hair to stand straight with gel.

Style your hair into a mullet. The mullet required that the sides and top of the hair remain short, or tapered, and the rest of the hair be allowed to grow down your back.

Keep all hair short on your head, except for a single rat tail on the base of the scalp, above the neck, which you will allow to grow long, down your back. The tail should be only a one to two inches wide. The rat tail style was influenced by the mullet.