If you’re trying to achieve voluminous hair with a slight curl at the ends, hot curlers are the way to go. While a round brush and blow dryer can also create the same look, this could take at least a half hour. Hot rollers, however, take just 10 minutes, and you can spend the time it takes for the curls to set to do your makeup or get dressed. While hot rollers come in all sizes, you’ll want to get ones that are at least one inch around to create the desired look.

Things You'll Need

Apply some hair mousse to your damp hair and give it a quick blow dry. Plug in the hot roller kit to heat.

Brush the hair thoroughly to remove all tangles. Pull a 1- to 2-inch section of hair at the top of your head straight up.

Insert a hot roller according to the style you wish to create. If you want volume, place the roller underneath the section of hair about an inch away from the scalp and use your hand to roll the rest of the strand around the roller. For a wavier look with some curl, place the roller on the end of the strand and roll underneath all way to the scalp. Secure the roller with a clip (this usually comes in the hot roller kit).

Section off and roll the rest of your head, using the clips to keep the rollers secure and working from the top down. Mist all the rollers with some hairspray.

Wait 10 minutes before removing the curlers. Shake the hair out with your fingers to style and spray again with hairspray.