It is traditional for a woman to wear her engagement ring and wedding band together on the fourth finger of her left hand. There are multiple explanations of why this is called the “ring finger.” According to the Romans, the vein that runs from that finger goes directly to the heart. And in Chinese culture, according to the Super Woman website, this finger symbolizes life partner. However, there are other ways to wear a wedding ring and show your love and commitment.

On a Chain

You work with your hands constantly and they are exposed to many harsh elements. Some women find it beneficial to wear their wedding and engagement rings on a chain around their necks. Character Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” did this with her engagement ring from Aidan. This keeps the ring from being lost when taken off for chores or sleeping. And it truly keeps the rings close to your heart.

Reinvent the Ring

Some women opt to change their wedding rings into different types of jewelry. The engagement ring usually has the diamonds; turn those diamonds into earrings or turn the whole setting into a pendant for a necklace. Add additional stones to enlarge or embellish the new piece, or just rearrange the stones already present.

Traditional Style With a Twist

Many brides replace their engagement ring with the wedding band after the ceremony, moving the engagement ring to the right hand or putting it away altogether to give to a son or daughter. But some engagement rings and wedding bands are bought as a set. The Made Man website suggests that if you have a set, wearing the wedding ring on the finger first, followed by the engagement ring so that the wedding ring is closest to your heart. Or, you can mix it up and wear the engagement or wedding ring around your neck and the other on your finger. Another option is to have the simpler of the rings sized to wear as a pinkie or thumb ring.