Bread machines do more than simply turn out a loaf of bread. Using a model with multiple features, the door is open to adapting family recipes, baking cakes, quickbreads and snacks and even making jam.


Create rolls, bagels and pretzels, using your machine’s dough cycle to do the kneading and rising part of the recipe. After you shape the baked goods by hand, bake in the regular oven.


Some models have a jam cycle. Using two cups of fresh fruit and one cup of sugar, add one tablespoon of low-sugar fruit pectin and two teaspoons of water. Cool, then refrigerate. Lasts three weeks.


Make tortillas using your favorite recipe or one for white bread. Roll it out flat after the dough cycle completes, cut circles, then cook on both sides in a skillet.

Lunch Fare

Make turnovers or pocket sandwiches by using a bread recipe on the dough cycle. Roll it out to a large square, cut, fill, fold and let rise. Bake 30 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees F.

Pizza Party

Jump-start a pizza. Use a cookbook recipe on the pizza dough or regular dough cycle. When it stops, roll out a circle, add your favorite ingredients and bake as directed.