Cream cheese is a soft mixture of milk and cream. Clotted cream is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk that is scalded and then cooled.

Country of origin

Clotted cream comes from Devonshire, England. Cream cheese was developed in Chester, New York.


Clotted cream and cream cheese are made from cow’s milk, but the process to make the two items is different.


To prepare clotted cream, milk is scalded over very low heat, without stirring. When bumps form on top of the milk, the clotted cream is removed from heat and cooled overnight. The next morning, the wrinkled yellow cream layer is removed.

Preparing cream cheese is similar, but there are several more steps. Other ingredients are added, including rennet and buttermilk before the mixture sits out overnight. The next morning, salt is added, the semi-liquid concoction is whisked, then drained before storage and use.


Cream cheese can be substituted in recipes with part-skim ricotta or lowfat cottage cheese that is beaten until smooth. Whipped cream can stand in for clotted cream, according to

Shelf life

According to, cream cheese should be used within two weeks of purchase. Clotted cream from Devon Cream Company lasts up to 12 months refrigerated, but the company states that the product is treated to expand shelf life.