Eggs are a versatile ingredient that provide the basis to many dishes including desserts. Not only are they packed with protein, but eggs add texture and flavor to a dessert. Eggs are cooked and used raw when making desserts and they can provide the perfect accompaniment to the sweet flavors of a dessert.

Chocolate Mousse

A classic dessert from the 1960s, says celebrity chef Delia Smith, the traditional chocolate mousse dessert is a combination of raw eggs, chocolate and sugar. The dessert contains three large eggs per six portions, which are mixed into the chocolate separately. The egg yolk is added to melted dark chocolate to give the mousse a rich flavor. The eggs whites are then whisked to form peaks and added to the mixture to give the light and airy texture for which chocolate mousse is famous.

Egg Custard Tart

Egg custard tarts are packed with eggs as they are needed to make both the custard filling and the tart itself. Egg custard filling is made from whisked egg yolks, according to BBC Food, which gives the topping a thick and creamy texture and a yellow and glossy appearance. The tart is a classic pastry tart made from one egg and one extra egg yolk. Egg is used to make pastry because it helps bind the other ingredients together and achieve the rich, crumbly texture for which pastries are known. This dessert is cooked unlike chocolate mousse which uses raw egg.


Souffles are the penultimate egg dish. A light and airy baked caked, a souffle is a fluffy dessert which is puffed up by mixing a custard base with stiffly whisked egg whites. Eggs are an integral part of this popular dish as they lift the cake to create its famous fluffy top, while creating a creamy base in the middle. Souffle desserts can be mixed with many ingredients, such as chocolate or fruit.


Crepes are a type of pancake originating from France. They are very thin and slightly crispy in texture and usually contain a filling, such as chocolate or fruit, when eaten as a dessert. Eggs are used to make the crepe, binding together the other ingredients of flour, butter milk and sugar.