A flattering hairstyle is imperative to looking and feeling terrific. One versatile haircut for women of all ages is a bob. There are varieties of bobs, such as angled bobs and long bobs. To make the most of it, learn some cute ways to style a bob. Use hot tools, as well as hair accessories to change up your look.


Cute ways to style a bob includes accessories, such as headbands. They are perfect for both short bobs and longer bobs. Slide a thick headband onto the hair for a quick style. Choose headbands with embellishments, such as flowers or sequins. If you have bangs, style them to the side. Another way to style hair with a headband is to backcomb the hair at the crown and smooth a layer of hair over it. Place the headband in front of the backcombed area.


Create an appearance of old Hollywood glamor by styling a bob in waves that frame the face. It is cute and sultry all at the same time. This works best for bobs that are just under chin-length to mid-neck length. It is easiest to make the waves with medium-sized hot rollers, shine spray and hairspray. They should remain touchable. Add a decorative clip to sweep bangs off of the face.


A tousled, messy bob is cute and youthful. This hairstyle works best with a shorter bob hairstyle with layers. To create this look, use products such as mousse and texturizer. As it is a messy look, the finished look will not look perfect and over-styled. Use the texturizer to twist pieces so that they are tousled. If there are bangs, style them off to the side or straight down.


If the bob is longer than chin-length, style it in a cute ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal when you do not want to fuss with your hair. Sweep the hair up and back and secure it in a rubber band. Add two or three thin headbands on the hair. For a sleeker look, style it in a low ponytail. Use shine serum and hairspray to keep hair in place.