While thick hair is extremely desirable, it can also be unruly and hard to manage. One of the best ways to take care of your thick hair is to cut it short. With a shorter haircut, the texture and thickness of your hair is still featured, but you also have a style that is much easier to care for. Not all short cuts are good for women with thick hair, however. Choose one that lightens the bulk of your hair while still framing your face and flattering you and your personal style.

Shaggy Bob

If you’re not willing to take the leap to a super short cut, then consider a chin to shoulder-length cute shaggy bob. With a shaggy bog, you’ll get lots of razor-cut layers throughout the entire head of hair. This will cut down on your thick hair’s bulkiness and make it easier to style. The layers in your hair should be placed according to your face shape; use them strategically to balance out your features. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, then ask for layers around the chin. If your face shape is oval, do all over layers. Your hairstylist should be able to suggest ideal placement options.

Close Crop

If you’re a little more daring, or if you’re just fed up with your thick hair, then a close cropped head of hair might be the right choice for you. Especially ideal for those who have curly and thick hair, having an extremely short cut all over is a low maintenance option. Have your stylist create a cute haircut that is cropped all over, but that still works with your hair’s natural texture. That way, instead of fussing with it in the morning, you just need to add a little products and go. Ask for recommendations for curling and styling creme that will work well with your new, daring, shorter ‘do.

Spiky Hair

Spiky and textured hair has been recently seen on big celebrities, like pop singer Rihanna. In this cute hipster style, hair is cut short on the sides, and longer on the top, and then textured with product to create a funky, spiked look. While this is an easy look to cut, your hairstylist might need to see a few pictures, so cut some out of magazines and bring them in for a more accurate representation. A spiky cut is a cute way to jazz up a hairstyle; you can wear it slicked back and conservative or add hairbands and cute accessories to change up your look for any occasion.

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