Medium-length hairstyles are versatile and work well with most face shapes and most hair types. This length of hair can be worn up or down and with or without layers and bangs. Layers look cute in medium-length hair and make it easier to style. The reason that layers are so popular for this length of hair is because it adds movement and creates volume at the top of your hair.


A flattering hairstyle, especially for a teen or a young woman, is a choppy, shoulder-length hairstyle with a side part and side-swept bangs. The look is choppy because it’s heavily layered on top, and the layers are razored. It isn’t as heavily layered in front. The shorter layers on top give the hair a lot of volume and bounce. Part the hair in a deep side part on either side. Have side-swept bangs cut so that they drape across the forehead. Use pomade or light hair spray to keep the bangs in place.

Wavy Bob

A wavy bob will work on just about anyone, though it works best on hair that is at least naturally wavy. Though bobs can be as short as chin-length, they can be as long as almost shoulder-length. Create a side part and sweep the bangs over to one side. The bangs should be a bit less wavy than the rest of the hair. Shorter layers add volume to the top. Use mousse on the hair to play up the waves. A wavy bob should appear tousled and not perfectly styled.


An updated version of a shag haircut is another layered option. If you have straight or wavy hair, a shag hairstyle will work well. The length should be cut to just about shoulder-length. Longer and face-framing layers are cut into the hair, in addition to angled bangs that frame the face. The result is sophisticated yet cute. To style, blow-dry it with a round brush. Use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl the layers so that they curve inward and frame the face.