Short hair can be hard to work with for a woman, but many celebrities have made short hair styles trendy. Women want to look feminine and having short hair is easy to take care of, especially for working women and mothers. To have both the femininity and the ease, steal a look from a celebrity below.

Wispy Pixie

Keira Knightley and Rhianna have both recently sported wispy pixies. This haircut is short, yet feminine and very easy to take care of. If your hair is straight, simply blow-dry in the morning, tousle with a dime-size drop of gel and you’re done. If you have curly hair: straighten, then tousle. The wispy nature of the cut is what gives the look femininity. But, it’s just as easy to slick it back with a headband for doing dishes in sweatpants at home.

Chin-length Choppy Bob

The bob is a classic. For an updated, chic version, try something like Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari. This cut can actually be worn straight or with waves (see Rachel McAdams above). The bangs can be put the side or pulled back with a front-bump with a clip for a night out. The choppy layers add youth and spunk to a classic do.

For a more sophisticated, non-choppy version of this bob, check out Katie Holmes.

Long-to-Short Bob

The long-to-short bob is a bob that is longer in the front and gradually gets shorter in the back. The look creates depth and is especially good for thin hair that might look stringy in the back as it gets longer. A sleek straight is best for this cut with a very defined part. Paris Hilton knows how to work the sophistication this style demands.

Tip: Be sure you’re ready for a cut like this, because the only relief is a headband, since a pony-tail is not an option.

Razor Cut

Lisa Rinna looks great in her 40s with a choppy razor cut. This look is very easy, and you’ll almost never look “undone,” even right after you wake up. Blow dry and use a serum for a shiny, pulled together look. Brush downward without much fluff for a more strict look (good for the courtroom or executive office). Since the cut is so choppy, it’s easy to maintain. To add depth like Rinna has, do a two-tone color.

Very Edgy

Short cuts can be creative and edgy (think “punk”). Fashion model Agyness Deyn looked fabulous at a 2007 awards show with a short, spiky do. Makeup and clothes make the femininity with this haircut. Don’t be surprised to be mistaken for our brother when wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Faux-hawks are also a popular look for both women and men.