Curly hair can seem unruly at times. Volume and fuzziness often ruin what would have been an otherwise beautiful hairdo. The best way to ensure your hair always looks perfect is to make sure you receive an excellent haircut to begin with. These haircuts are not only cute, but they’ll enhance your face and avoid creating extra, unwanted volume. Find the best haircuts for your curly hair, from short to long and everything in between.


Short haircuts work well for curly hair to create volume. A bob cut is a popular choice because it not only creates volume but it can make a face appear shorter. This is a desirable effect on those who have a longer face shape and do not want to add more length. Short cuts help the curls to spring out and create more width around the face. Aim for a length just below or at chin level. Keep in mind that if your hair is cut while it’s wet, it will get shorter when it dries. Depending on your hair type, you may want to add bangs. If your hair is extremely curly, however, short bangs will seem too puffy to work.

Relaxed Cuts

Those who have curly hair that is not extremely thick can try a more relaxed cut. Loose curls offer a variety of options. Short bangs can be added or longer bangs that are swept to the side. Straighten your bangs and the top of your hair to help it lie flat. Then curl the bottom for a textured look that sweeps across your shoulders. Longer cuts will help take away volume if you feel your curls are too thick and puffy. Allow them to grow past your chin and avoid layering your hair.

Thick Curls

If you have thick curls you can either try to tame them or work around them. If you want short hair, consider going extremely short. Cutting your hair just below your ears allows it to curl around your head without having so much added volume. Cutting above the bottom of your ears creates a short, sassy hairdo. Ask your stylist to thin out your hair if needed to help tame the frizz. If you don’t want to thin all of your hair, have the front thinned and leave the back thicker. This will create beautiful curls in the back without causing them to cover your face.

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