Life can be chaotic, so having a relaxed space to reset in is crucial. And the best part is, you don’t need a whole room of your home to create an environment that feels peaceful and inviting; you can make one anywhere. Even if you’re in a hotel room or have the space of a closet to work with, there are elements that you can add to obtain a calming atmosphere.

Here are ways to detox from the hectic world outside while creating a zen space:

Make it your own
Having mementos that relax you is an easy way to make the space instantly personal. Adding a candle, a crystal, or a cozy throw or pillow can turn any space into one that is all about you. Keep the textures and colors soft to the eye to add tranquility and peace.

Clear energy
This is very important, especially if the space you’re making isn’t only yours. Palo Santo Sticks produce healing properties that rid an area of negative vibes and keep the energy grounded. Use these when you first enter your space to clear the energy and calm the immune and nervous system.

Drown out noise
Our bodies get used to it, but constant noise can stress out our systems – especially technology alerts, sirens, talking, etc. Make your space a quiet and peaceful one. Play light music, or even use a white noise app and headphones. If using an app, turn your phone to airplane mode to stop notifications and transmitting signals. Finding a peaceful sound or silence can lower stress and completely zen you out.

Breath deeply
After creating a clear, soothing atmosphere that is your own, concentrate on your breath. Breath in for a few seconds, hold it for a few more, and then slowly release. Find a system that feels best to your body, but the important thing is to slowly steady your breath. This will instantly calm your body down and allow it to rest. If you’re up for it, try a meditation to really unwind in your space.

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