Ribbons make almost any plain T-shirt more decorative and fashionable. Choose ribbons that match a colorful shirt or stand out on a plain shirt. Select ribbons of other colors to match the rest of your wardrobe, or weave two different colors into the shoulder. Thicker ribbons will create bigger bows and be more noticeable, and smaller ribbons will create small bows.

Decorative Bow

Thread the ribbon through the sleeve and out through the neck. Do this with just one sleeve or both. Tie a large bow that sits on the side of the shoulder and draws up the sleeve toward the neck. This reveals more of your arm and also widens the neck hole of the T-shirt. Use wider ribbon for a bigger bow.

Braided Hem

Cut the hem from the neck of the T-shirt down the shoulder and along the side of the sleeve to completely open the shoulder area of the shirt. Cut small holes 1/2 inch in on both sides of the hem spaced about 1 inch apart. Thread thin ribbon through the holes closest to the neck of the shirt, then thread the ribbon through the remaining holes as if you were lacing a shoe. This gives the shoulder of the shirt a crisscross look. Finish by tying a bow or leaving the ends hanging after tying a knot.

Ribbon Neckline

Cut slits along the neckline of the T-shirt, front and back, just wide enough to thread your ribbon through. Weave a long ribbon through both sides of the neckline and then tie the two ends together to create a bow that sits on one side of your neck. Let the bow fall over your shoulder. The weaved neckline will both decorate the shirt and draw a larger neckline together, if desired.

Sewed Bow

Sew a flat strip of ribbon, 4 to 6 inches long, from the top of the shoulder of your T-shirt straight down toward the chest area. Create the main body of a bow out of more ribbon as well as two ribbon ends that hang down underneath the bow. Sew the bow to the flat strip of ribbon to make it look as if your shoulder is gift-wrapped and provide extra backing to attach the bow. Alternatively, pleat an 8-inch ribbon underneath the bow by folding small creases into it, then sewing on top and underneath the creases so the ribbon ruffles out and away from the shirt in several places. Sew the bow to the top of the pleated ribbon.