These days, more cosmetic companies are opting to say no to the harmful effects of unnecessary animal testing experiments. According to Britannica biomedical sciences editor, Kara Rogers, the results of toxicity testing on animals have been more inadequate than not. The good news is these experiments have made room for new research, resulting in more accurate scientific alternatives to chemical toxicity testing of beauty product ingredients. You can now safely purchase products from well-known cosmetic lines while also protecting animals from preventable injuries.


Often used by those with sensitive skin and allergies, Almay, available in drugstores, does not test its product ingredients on animals. According to its website, Almay has not conducted animal testing for more than 20 years. Instead, the brand uses advanced technologies to ensure the safety of its makeup and toxicity testing practices.


Founded in 1978, cosmetic and haircare brand, Aveda has been a cruelty-free business from conception. Not only does Aveda adopt non-animal testing practices, but its parent company, Estée Lauder Companies Inc., actively seeks to fund scientific alternatives to toxicity testing on animals across the beauty industry.

Bare Escentuals

Scour the cosmetics counters on any given day and you will find new, mineral-based makeup lines are popping up everywhere. However, not all are created equal nor are they all cruelty-free. For an animal-friendly take on mineral makeup, try Bare Escentuals. The formulas found in this cosmetic line are not tested on animals, plus the company ensures that even its manufacturers adopt cruelty-free testing practices.


Also owned by Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Clinique is a high-end, fragrance-free cosmetic line that has also embraced cruelty-free testing alternatives. Perfect for those who suffer from allergies, Clinique touts a compassionate angle in everything they sell, from moisturizing cream to makeup remover.

Urban Decay

If you wish for a unique or dramatic look and also want to save some animals in the process, look no further than Urban Decay. Created as a cruelty-free brand from the start, Urban Decay takes its anti-animal testing stance a step further, offering consumers some options that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Instead, the company uses plant-based pigments whenever they are available.