Stabilizers are chemical compounds added to a solution or mixture to keep it stable, thus avoiding any unwanted change over time. Stabilizers can be naturally extracted from plants or synthesized in laboratory. They are widely used in many industrial products, including food, fuels, plastics, medicine, cleaning products and perfumes. Heat, light and oxygen can degrade the fragrance of perfumes with time. Stannic chloride pentahydrate, cyclodextrin and Origanox WS are compounds used to stabilize perfumes.

Stannic Chloride Pentahydrate

Stannic chloride pentahydrate is used as to stabilize perfumes in lotions, soaps and other cosmetic products. It also prevents color fading, which can occur if products are exposed to light. According to the website Chemical Land 21, other applications for stannic chloride pentahydrate include as a PVC stabilizer, glass-strengthening agent and component of coatings for ceramics.


Cyclodextrin is part of a family of organic compounds that can be produced from starch, a carbohydrate abundant in some foods, such as potatoes and wheat. According to Helena Dodziuk in “Cyclodextrins and Their Complexes: Chemistry, Analytical Methods, Applications,” cyclodextrin is used in 75 percent of perfumes and spray deodorants produced in Europe. This compound presents bactericide properties, and it is also used as a stabilizer in the food industry.

Origanox WS

Origanox WS is the commercial name of a natural compound made with the extract of oregano. According to Michael Ash in the “Handbook of Preservatives,” Origanox is natural and dissolves in water. Apart from preserving the fragrance of perfumes and other cosmetic products, the extract of oregano is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin.