You’re ready for a night out, but aren’t sure what to wear. Whether it’s Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City or any other city, going to clubs can be an integral part of the nightlife. However, if you’re going clubbing, do some research and check to see if any of the clubs have dress codes. You might be standing in line for quite a while if you haven’t worn the proper clothing or overlooked a dress code.


Women should wear a nice top, something that you would wear on a date or out with friends. Wear a shirt that looks classy and isn’t cheap-looking. If you’re wearing a nice top and the club allows jeans (some clubs don’t), wear a pair of dark washed jeans, either skinny or boot cut. A nice pair of black pants can also be worn. Women can also wear a short dress that hits at or above the knees. Women can pair this with leggings or tights. Anything that the woman thinks is stylish will work.

Men should wear a pair of nice pants and a collared, button-up shirt. Most clubs don’t allow men to wear jeans, especially if they’re baggy. Avoid T-shits, hats and polo shirts.


Sneakers for both sexes are usually never allowed in clubs. Women should wear a pair of nice heels that goes with the outfit or a pair of nice, dressy flats. Men should wear some sort of dressy shoe that goes with their overall outfit. Flip-flops, for men and women, aren’t usually part of the dress code for clubs, either.


Put on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and any other accessories you might want to wear with your outfit if you’re a woman. Wear items that match and are considered stylish to a club. A clutch is also needed for a woman for all her personal belongings such as credit cards, identification and makeup. You need something that matches your outfit and is small enough that you can carry it around all night.

If you’re a man and regularly wear jewelry such as rings or necklaces, go ahead and wear them to the club. However, make sure the accessories go with the outfit and are somewhat classy.