What to wear when you become pregnant can be a challenging decision, as your body changes rapidly over a period of nine months. Women still retain the need to feel attractive through their wardrobe, and many pregnant woman are on a budget, saving for the high costs of early parenthood. With a few basics in her wardrobe, and guidelines for what is flattering, a pregnant woman can feel confident and chic during her pregnancy.

The Basics

One of the essentials is a larger bra and/or a maternity bra. Make sure that your bra has a thick band under the cups and strong, thick straps that don’t dig into your shoulders. Right before you’re due, buy one or two nursing bras, which allow you to expose your nipple for feeding without full removal.

As for pants, maternity jeans have denim legs but a soft wide elastic band that stretches over your expanding belly. There are maternity leggings that you can buy to take the place of pants. Leggings and a body-skimming tunic are great to wear around the home or on a casual outing.

Some women’s feet enlarge once they get pregnant. If this happens to you, put away your high heels and opt for a comfortable pair of shoes, flat and preferably with a supportive sole. Some women wear heels throughout their pregnancy. Discuss it with your doctor if you think you will choose this option.

If you know that you’ll need to go out to a nice dinner or you work in a formal office, you should invest in a dark-colored wrap dress. This dress will accommodate you at different sizes and show off your shape.

Boyfriend Style

One way that many women get through their pregnancy without spending an arm and a leg on clothing is to borrow from their partner’s closet. That is, of course, if your partner is bigger than you are. If your partner has a nice silk or cashmere blend sweater, layer it with a tank top for a put-together look. A classic men’s button-down shirt is always chic, especially when worn with feminine jewelry. Also, don’t shy away from jackets, and even blazers. Try on different pieces to see what you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

What Flatters

For years now, women have been celebrating their pregnant shape rather than trying to hide it. Intuitively, large, bulky items may seem to hide girth, but in reality they exaggerate it. If you are wearing a larger top, say from your husband’s closet, pair it with leggings, or even a pencil skirt. Don’t be afraid to show the curve of your belly; it is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid to let a bit of tasteful decolletage show in a V-neck top or dress to accentuate your feminine shape. If you want to look effortless, stick to darker colors. Chocolate brown, dark gray, navy and black will be your best friend. Brighten up a dark, slimming outfit with bright chunky jewelry.