Most women have at least one part of their bodies they’d like to hide. When it comes to your arms not being your best feature, it’s a little harder to deal with. Arms are kind of front and center; they can’t be hidden under a dress, and even if you could hide them, it might look silly and movement would be awkward. The good news is that there are easy techniques to keep you looking great and feeling more confident about your arms.

What to Look For

Sleeves that go all the way to the elbow and are solid colored are very arm flattering. If it’s not too hot, long sleeves can look great, too. A shirt with no sleeves also makes the arm look longer and slimmer, especially if the shirt also bares the shoulders.

What to Avoid

Bulky sleeves will make your arm look just that, so no cap or puff sleeves. Don’t wear sleeves with horizontal stripes or with patterns that have a lot going on in the print. If the sleeve stops between the shoulder and elbow, it won’t slim the arm.

Extra Help

If you really love that dress or shirt but the sleeves are a no-no, there are ways to wear what you want and still look good. Jackets and sweaters come in many sizes and materials, so you can use them to cover the unflattering sleeves and still look casual or elegant. Or, try wearing an undershirt in a dark, neutral color with quarter-length or long sleeves underneath other shirts and casual dresses.

The Art of Distraction

Drawing the eye away from your personal problem area is another great fashion method. Express yourself with accessories. Flashy or interesting-looking jewelry on your wrists, neck or ears will do the job, but play up one at a time or you’ll weigh yourself down. Scarves used in your hair, around your neck or as a belt can provide the same lovely distraction, and so can a unique belt, but remember not to overdo it.