As a women, regardless of your age, you want to look savvy and at your best whenever you can. In your mid-twenties you might be looking for the perfect man or settling into a career, so wearing the right clothes might become a more important point on your agenda. Knowing how and what to wear, and specifically the appropriate time when to wear it is does not come naturally to everyone. However, with some careful guidance you can pick the right clothes for your age.

Dress for Your Age and Shape

Get rid of the simple tank tops and baggy tracksuit bottoms that you loved when you were a teenager. When you reach your mid-twenties, you need to focus on clothes that reflect your age and figure. So, if you’re a city whizz, wear flirtatious clothes that play to your youthfulness. Choose tailored dresses and shirts, high heels, cropped jackets and experiment with patterns. If you have a fuller figure, then you can still get away with experimenting with these looks because you have age on your side. As you get older, things move south so take advantage of your pertness now.

Keep Up to Date with Trends

Steer away from drab and keep your wardrobe fresh and current. Head to the high street or rummage through thrift stores to recycle second-hand clothes, to seek out clothes that fit with the season’s trends. Fashion magazines often aim to please those in their mid-twenties so flick through to find clothes that are trendy. Many women in their mid-twenties are not constrained by lots of children and household duties that can come in the late-twenties or thirties. Use this to your advantage and wear a mini-skirt and bold jewelry, which may be less suitable as a new mum, later in life.

Reflect your Lifestyle

Choose clothes that match your lifestyle. Compared to your late teens, you will have probably have a greater sense of your identity through work and socializing, so incorporate this into your clothes. For example, a doctor or accountant demands smarter and slicker clothing than a media planner or youth worker. Remember that teenagers can take risks, but with a career and aspirations, dress to impress. Ditch shirts with odd buttons, holes and put your favorite t-shirts to the back of the wardrobe. Wear a pencil skirt, classic shirt, elegant scarf and a tidy jumper.

Evening Wear

In your mid-twenties, you have a large selection of clothes to choose to wear in the evening. Elegant fabrics such as silk and lace that you might have overlooked, now become accessible. If you have fuller figure, create a silhouette with a plain colored dress but accentuate your look with a belt or drop earrings. Remember to use bold colors, so don’t put on the first black dress you see. Also, you can accessorize with gloves or flowers, which tend to look too costumey on younger girls.