Before taking your child to get her hair cut, it is helpful to decide on a specific haircut that will be appropriate for her hair type and her age. Very small girls who play hard will need a different haircut from that of an older girl. Ideally, a little girl’s haircut should be fairly low maintenance and require little to no styling.


A shoulder length or chin length bob is a practical hairstyle for a young girl. Shorter lengths won’t get as messy or ratted after a day of hard playing. You won’t be able to tie the child’s hair back in a hair tie, so the hair in front needs to be shorter in front in the form of bangs or fringe. You also still have plenty of styling options, including pulling the side sections of her hair back, braiding it and pinning the braids together in the back.

Long Layers

Hair with a length that extends down to the bottom of the shoulder blades with layers is a versatile cut that works for most hair types. Wavy hair is benefited from long layers which reduce frizz at the the ends. Long layers also make it easier brush — regardless of whether the the little girl has curly, wavy or straight hair — because there is less thickness at the ends. This hair length also allows for putting it up in a pony tail, braids, pigtails or a number of other hairstyles.

Straight Bangs

Bangs cut straight across the forehead directly above the eyebrows are an easy style to maintain. This cut also ensures that the hair in front won’t fall in the child’s eyes while she is playing. Straight cut bangs are more appropriate for little girls who have naturally straight hair. Wavy or curly hair won’t lie against the forehead and will need to be styled. These types of bangs also need to be trimmed frequently to keep them short enough so that they won’t bother the child’s eyes.

Side-swept Bangs

Young girls who are older than 8 years old will have an easier time with haircuts that are a little longer because they generally do not play as hard. Have an older child’s bangs cut longer so that they can all be swept off to one side, or parted in the middle and swept off to both sides. These longer bangs also can be pinned off to the side with a cute barrette if the child plays sports and needs them out of the way.