Rainbow sandals were first made in 1974 by Jay R. Longley. Each Rainbow sandal is produced by hand with special glue created by Mr. Longley. A special glue was invented to help keep the shoes together, so they could stand up to wear and tear and last longer than other rubber sandals. The sandals come in a variety of materials, which can all be cleaned in the same manner. Some materials used to make Rainbow sandals include hemp, plastic and leather. Rainbow sandals are a favorite of beach combers, surfers and fashionistas alike.

Things You'll Need

Pick any large pieces of dirt or debris from your Rainbow sandals. Take the sandals outside and knock them against a hard surface. This removes any remaining large pieces of dried on dirt or mud.

Wet a wash cloth with warm water and wring out any excess moisture. Add a drop of liquid soap and rub it into the wash cloth.

Rub the wash cloth over each Rainbow sandal, scrubbing at the exceptionally dirty spots.

Fill a buckets with warm, soapy water. You do not have to use and a large bucket; you want a bucket that is large enough for your Rainbow sandals to fit comfortably inside.

Dunk the Rainbow sandals into the water several times. Submerge the sandals for one to two minutes.

Remove the sandals from the soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush. Once they are clean, rinse them with cool water and air dry.

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