While it’s important to follow recipes closely for baked goods and other complex dishes, smoothies are about as versatile as recipes come and unlikely ingredients — like corn syrup — can be added if desired. You can bend the rules of just about any smoothie recipe you have or use no recipe at all. Corn syrup can sweeten your smoothie in addition to or in place of sugar, honey or other sweetener. Taste as you go to make sure the texture and flavor are palatable, pour into a glass and enjoy.

Basic Smoothie Guidelines

If you’re looking for a basic ratio of ingredients to work with, use the following basic ratio: one part liquid and one part ripe fruit with two parts thickener. A thickener can be ice, frozen fruit, or banana, yogurt, frozen yogurt or even peanut butter. Combine these ingredients in a blender until mixed and liquefied.

Smoothie Recipe Ideas

After you make your basic smoothie base, sweeten your smoothie to taste with corn syrup, sugar, honey or other sugary ingredients. Add flavor in the form of sweetener, spices, citrus or fortifying nutrients like flax meal, wheat germ, protein powder or greens. Pulse your blender a few times after each addition to combine.

Corn Syrup Properties

Corn syrup is made from the starch of corn and is used in many products from sweet to savory, particularly in processed foods. Corn syrup is commonly called for as the sweetening ingredient in pecan pie, fudge and chocolate sauces, due to its thick texture. In taste, it’s similar to sugar. Add corn syrup directly to your smoothie mixture as a sweetener or use it in conjunction with or in place of sugar. For a healthier sweetener that is not processed, try natural products like pure honey, agave nectar or real maple syrup. You can also omit sugar and allow the natural sugar in the fruit to do the sweetening.

Adding Corn Syrup to Smoothies

To add corn syrup to your smoothie, combine the liquid, fruit and thickener in the blender. Add just a small squeeze of corn syrup, blend and sample the base. Add more syrup until you achieve the desired level of sweetness, tasting as you go to avoid making it too sugary. Depending on your taste, add anywhere from a teaspoon to a few tablespoons of corn syrup.