Waste not a single drop of pear juice by juicing your ripe pears and freezing them. Fresh pear juice can be frozen a few different ways to be enjoyed at later date. Freeze the pear juice on its own or combine it with other fruit.


Wash pears and scrub any debris from the surface of the skin. Avoid juicing overly ripe pears as they tend to clog the juicer. Juice quantities of pear juice and set aside. You can also process pears like you would apples for use with canning equipment.


Juice can be frozen in airtight containers, ice cube trays, mason jars and freezer bags. Simply portion the juice into your chosen receptacle and place in freezer. Once frozen, store frozen pear cubes in a freezer friendly bag.


For a refreshing pear beverage, defrost frozen juice and drink plain or added to other juices. Add pear cubes to smoothies, lemonade or iced tea instead of regular ice cubes for an extra kick of flavor.


Pear juice is thick and can be diluted with water for a refreshingly light beverage. The juice can also be defrosted and turned into pear jelly.