In the 1970s, David Bowie made a stand-out statement with his Ziggy Stardust style and futuristic male makeup. While the costume-like makeup surely demonstrates that guys can wear cosmetics, the modern man can take a much more subtle approach. If you’re meticulous about your appearance or are looking for a way to dress up your everyday look, something as simple as “guy-liner” can transform your eyes from blah to bold.

Makeup Specially for Men?

Instead of grabbing your girlfriend’s makeup kit, take a look at products that are specially made just for you. While it’ perfectly acceptable for you to use your best gal pal’s kohl liner, some cosmetics companies manufacturer makeup for only men. These include mascaras that come in more subtle shades and have a lighter feel for a natural look. There are also concealers that are formulated for the rougher texture of a man’s skin. These types of products add a barely-there look than enhance a guy’s natural features, staying far away from a rock star or raccoon-eyed style.

Eye-Liner Opponents

While certain celebs and some cosmetics marketers may give the impression that guy’s eye products are an everyday occurrence, other opponents of this trend may feel that makeup is more for the models. Before you splash on the guy-liner and head to the office, keep in mind that while Adam Lambert can rock the look on stage, this isn’t exactly an appropriate look for a conservative office environment. If you’re putting on a suit and tie and heading into your job at a bank, keep the eye makeup at home, reserving it for a night out.

Rocker Chic

Although it’s permissible — in certain situations — to rock the guy-liner look, you’ll find that there’s a fine line between cool rock star and overdone. Lining your eyes with a deep black liner for a night out at a hip club is a completely different style situation than copying your girlfriend’s purple-tinted smokey eye. If you’re going for a rocker-eye style, keep it simple — not necessarily subtle — and stick to basic black. Avoid anything with glitter or adding different shades of shadows.

Impressing the Ladies

If you’re out to impress a cute girl, sporting a guy-liner look isn’t always the way to go. Before you draw on your man makeup, keep your target audience in mind. While some women enjoy the look, not every one will think that you’re on a Johnny Depp level of guy-liner hotness. Girls who are on the lookout for a rocker hipster with edgy appeal will appreciate a lined look, while ladies who are more into the stock broker type of style may think that it’s just silly.