Shoulders are a seductive point on any woman. To wear certain crop styles, a balance of where you want to show skin is what matters most. Broad shoulders may have limitations that can be compensated for, depending on your shape — from slender or muscular to full.

Off Shoulders

The more skin you show, the less dressed you appear. Unless you are at a concert or the beach, only a certain amount of skin showing is appropriate for Main Street. A tube top will make broad shoulders look wider and can be worn best by slender to average shapes. Capping the outer edges of your shoulders softens them, a good choice if they are muscular or round. This still leaves a fair amount of skin exposed — which at the beach works with shorts or a skirt. For a more dressed appearance, go with pants or skinny jeans, a high waist, or a longer skirt.

Sleeve Effects

Dropped or cap sleeves reduce the emphasis on the width of your shoulders, as will a V-neck to add length and focus to the middle, away from shoulders and to your great abs. A no-sleeve Audrey Hepburn classic will camouflage a narrow body type with broad shoulders — but not a rounded type.

Seater Crops

A turtleneck crop is a dramatic way to add length while camouflaging strong shoulders. It pulls the eye straight to the exposed skin, so sport this look if you’re especially comfortable showing off your abs. A sweater top also softens shoulders well for all types.


It’s not necessary to have a sleek body type to wear a crop top. The balance of your proportions is what counts. The stomach area is the first consideration that daily crunches usually flatten with some dedication — shoulder width is secondary. The female body is naturally curvy, so play it up. You can wear a halter if you want your hips to be less noticeable, as this style draws attention to the shoulders instead. A bright crop top will also draw the eye upward. A monotone color scheme will add length.