High-waisted shorts accentuate the natural waistline and enhance the appearance of an hourglass shape for most figures, when worn with a blouse or top that works with the highly fashionable style. You can rock a pair of high-waisted shorts with a few creative styling tips to best suit your personal taste and specific body type.

High-Waisted Shorts With Trendy Tops

Crop tops are right on trend with high-waisted shorts. If a crop top is something you want to try but are intimidated because you have a bit of a belly, a pair of high-waisted shorts is a great solution. Because these shorts cover the lower abdomen — where most women carry extra belly weight — the pairing will only leave a small amount of flesh showing just under the rib cage, which is typically one of the smallest measurements on a woman. Make the outfit more conservative with longer seersucker shorts and a more structured and fitted crop top. A top with a side zipper or buttons will give you that snug security a looser crop top will not. Tank tops are also a popular pairing with high-waisted shorts. This is a great outfit if you have a waif-like figure and are looking for ways to create the appearance of curves. However, if you are top-heavy a tight tank top tucked into high-waisted shorts is going to accentuate that aspect of your shape. You’re better off pairing high-waisted shorts with a looser fitting blouse.

Dressing Up High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are available in all styles, from contemporary to classic. For women not in the age range or body type to try the more daring version — high-waisted and barely past the booty — plenty of other options exist. A pair of black, tuxedo-style, high-waisted shorts are classic and stunning with a long-sleeved button-up blouse that is tucked into the shorts with a pair of black suede platform heels. This is a great outfit for dinner or an evening event and works with many body types. High-waisted shorts made of leather or with lace overlay are other great options for a woman who is more mature and prefers a more classic approach to fashion but likes to dabble in a trend. Either leather or lace shorts are beautiful with a button-down chiffon blouse, tucked in and buttoned all the way up with a pair of high-heel black bootie shoes.

High-Waisted Jean Shorts

High-rise denim shorts are all the rave at music festivals and can look great on several different body types — but not by wearing them the exact same way. If you have an hourglass or rectangular body type, you can wear a tight pair of high-waisted shorts and wear them pretty short. If you are apple- or pear-shaped, you will look better in high-rise shorts that are a size bigger than your normal pant size; belt them to accentuate your waist. Wear them with a casual T-shirt for dressing down or with a lace tank for dressing up a bit — and always tuck in your shirt.

The High-Waisted Short Suit Set

A matching shorts and blazer creates length and looks beautiful with a pair of heels and a high-neck blouse that buttons up or even ties at the neck. If you’re body conscious, look for longer length in both the shorts and the blazer. This chic summer outfit is appropriate for a variety of events from weddings to brunch with the girls.


If you have a round figure, with very little to no waistline, high-waisted shorts are not the ideal style for your body type, and it will be difficult to find a pair that fits properly. If you have a wasitline, but you are built thicker in other areas such as your bottom, don’t hesitate to wear this style. Wear a black blouse with black shorts and black heels to create a slimming monochromatic look. If your thighs are not your favorite body part, look for longer shorts that have a looser fit around the leg. High-waisted shorts are a great way to accentuate the positive, so if you have a waist, rock them.