With only so many hours in the day, many extracurricular groups hold meetings before or after work for their members. Those who host meetings before work often provide breakfast to their members to help kick-start their days. Breakfast does not have to be boring. For a men’s group looking for breakfast ideas, a menu of options exists outside of simply donuts and coffee.

Oatmeal Bar

For the men’s group that is seeking a healthy spread of breakfast options, an oatmeal bar offers a heart healthy start to the day. Provide a large crock pot full of a pre-made oatmeal so meeting participants can start with that as a base. Then, offer an array of toppings to choose from so that each member can customize his meal. Dried fruit, nuts, brown sugar, cream, sliced bananas and maple syrup all pair well with oatmeal.

Omelet Station

If the men’s group has a slightly larger budget and access to a stove for their breakfast, an omelet station provides filling egg dishes that are personalized for every palate. Hire an outside chef or nominate a group member to serve as the morning’s cook. Provide a number of omelet fillers, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, ham and cheese, for members to choose from. Create a line and let each member create his own breakfast combination.


A quick solution for a men’s group breakfast is bagels and cream cheese. Nominate a member of the group to pick up an assortment of a few dozen bagels and cream cheeses from your local bagel shop or bakery. Display the selections on a central table for the group, and be sure to provide plenty of knives, a bagel cutter and a toaster. Serve orange juice and coffee alongside the carbohydrate filled breakfast.

Pot Luck

For the men’s group who likes to cook, a pot luck breakfast can allow each member to show off some of his culinary talent. In advance of the meeting, assign menu items to each group member. Breakfast dishes that travel well include quiches and frittatas, croissant sandwiches, danishes and fruit salads. Assign someone in the group to bring plates and cutlery as well as coffee and juice.