Adopting the hairstyle from another country is always a good idea; not only might you find something fresh and new but you could also stumble on a style that works. Brazil is a country famous for its lively samba music and its relaxed party atmosphere and the country’s hairstyles are exactly the same: there are relaxed wavy cuts, lively blow-dried dos and even dreadlocks, braids and weaves.

The Brazilian Blowout/Blow Dry

More of a hairstyle and treatment than a haircut itself, the Brazilian blowout has become quite popular as of 2010 thanks to its endorsement by celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale and Nicole Ritchie. The do itself takes a series of steps that include washing and smoothing the hair, blow-drying a keratin formula into the strands and then flat-ironing the lengths of the hair. The keratin formula is a Brazilian super nutrient complex and works with your locks to remove any frizz or unwanted curl. It is also formaldehyde-free. Once the formula has soaked into your strands, the stylist blow-dries the hair straight and flattens the hair with an iron. The end result is the Brazilian blowout: a subtle and straight-haired look that doesn’t appear weighty or heavy but bouncy and loose.

Long Waves

Famous celebrity models such as Gisele Bundchen, Allesandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima all originate from Brazil and all sport a similar hair style: the wave. The look itself requires you to rub and apply mousse into the hair before blow drying the hair until half-dry. Then, using a curling iron, wrap sections of the hair around the iron and hold for ten seconds. This particular hairstyle is best suited for longer locks because the curls can appear accentuated and exaggerated but still seem subtle. Also, the bigger the section of hair you wrap around the curling iron, the softer and smoother the hair wave will appear.

Other Brazilian Hairstyles

According to iHEARTmyhair, the most popular hairstyle of Salvador–a city in Brazil’s Bahia region–is the half-fro swept to one side, with a flower pinned onto the flatter side of the hair. Other popular hairstyles for the females include any hairstyle that incorporates braids, curls and weaves as well as updos. For men, the dreadlocks are quite a common choice in South America. To achieve the look, you need to divide your hair into 1-by-1-inch sections and backcomb each section of strands a half-inch at a time. Once the section has been backcombed, rub a very small amount of wax into the dreadlock and place a rubber band over the end to hold it in place.